Florida Liability for Trespassers – What rights and responsibilities apply?


Florida has a specific statute in place that deals with liability for injuries to trespassers. The liability of the land owner or the property owner would depend on the injured person’s status as well as the conduct of the land owner or property owner. The statute does not absolutely bar liability for injuries to a trespasser but definitely puts protections in p;lace for the land owner and the property owner. You can read the statute at Section 768.075 Florida Statutes – Immunity from liability for injury to trespassers on real property

Due to the confusing nature of the statute and other applicable laws, it helpful to have the advice, counsel, and representation of a Florida child injury lawyer in premises liability matters. As basic advice for property owners, it makes sense for property owners to have signs posted, fences in place, and dangerous conditions removed from the property. As basic advice for parents and guardians, it makes sense to keep children away from unknown areas, to advise children to stay away from areas that are unsafe, to advise children to stay away from areas that they do not belong or are not invited, and to otherwise keep children safe.