Florida Lawmaker Seeks to Ban Texting While Driving – Dangers of Distracted Driving


A Florida lawmaker (State Representative Irv Slosberg) is seeking to pass a Florida law that would ban texting while driving. Technology has made great advances over the past decade or so. We can communicate faster and better through devices like laptop computers, iPads and touchscreen devices, and, yes, smart phones like the iPhone and Droid. Unfortunately, these same devices have caused many Florida automobile accidents, Florida bicycle accidents, and Florida pedestrian accidents. Many of these accidents have resulted in serious personal injuries and deaths to children. One such victim texting while driving was James Caskey, Jr. who was riding a tricycle in North Naples when he was struck by a driver who was allegedly texting while driving. See Florida Lawmaker Looks to Ban Texting While Driving.

In Florida, drivers should do their best to limit distracted driving. Wait until you arrive at your destination to respond to that text or e mail. Waiting a few minutes to respond can save a life and avoid a serious Florida automobile accident. Florida drivers should drive with the utmost of caution and otherwise follow Florida’s traffic laws and regulations and pay attention to road conditions and traffic. See Florida Traffic Statutes, Rules and Regulations – Frequently Asked Questions.