Florida Law – Who Is Responsible for Compensation for Injuries and Damages for a Rear End Crash / Collision) ?


In Jacksonville, Florida and other Florida cities, there are rear end crashes / collisions every day. In these automobile accidents, the police officer will typically issue the traffic citation to the driver who rear ended the other driver. Pursuant to Section 316.0895, Florida Statutes – Following Too Closely, Florida law mandates that the driver of a motor vehicle shall not follow too closely to another motor vehicle than is reasonable and prudent. If there is a crash, the police officer and judge for that matter will presume that the driver who rear ended the other driver is at fault unless there is some compelling reasons to make a different conclusion. It is important for a driver to maintain a safe distance so that the driver can bring his or her vehicle to a stop in case traffic ahead stops or slows for traffic or other road conditions.

Inattentive and careless drivers cause rear end accidents that result in serious personal injuries and related medical bills and lost wages for victims of these accidents. Driving slower at a safe distance could have avoided many of these accidents. When a person is faced with serious personal injuries and related bills, it is helpful to have the advice, counsel, and representation of a Florida personal injury lawyer to help you with these legal matters.