Florida Law – What Are the Legal Requirements for Railings on a Balcony at a Hotel / Motel?


In Florida, the state is covered with hotels and motels. Florida is a vacation spot / destination for many visitors seeking to enjoy the Florida weather, attractions, and theme parks like Walt Disney World, Sea World, Busch Gardens, and Universal Studios. Florida law requires railings on balconies at hotels / motels. Pursuant to Section 509.211, Florida Statutes – Safety Regulations, a public lodging establishment (i.e. hotel or motel) is required to have safe and secure railings on all stairways, platforms, and balconies when the public lodging is three or more stories in height. Furthermore, all such railings shall be properly maintained and kept in good repair.

Hotel and motel owners have a duty to comply with this law and others. It is vital that adults and children visiting hotels and motels are provided with reasonably safe accommodations. With safety precautions like railings in place, many serious personal injuries can be prevented.