Florida Law that Would Have Made Day Care Vans Safer Fails to Pass through Florida’s Legislature


Politics and bureaucracy got in the way of the protection of the Florida children cared for and transported by Florida day care centers. A bill sponsored by Democratic State Senator Maria Sachs (Delray Beach, Florida) would have required that Florida day care vans have an alarm in the van to remind the driver and attendant to check the bus for passengers. The alarm would need to be manually turned off in the back of the bus which, by its location, would require the day care employees to check the whole bus for any children who may have been left behind. The death of Haile Brockington, who was only 2 1/2 years old at the time, would have been avoided with either better supervision OR the day care van alarm. Sachs plans on pushing and lobbying this bill at the next legislative session. It will not be passed this year but there may be hope for the future. With or without this law in place, day care centers should be diligent in checking the van or bus to make sure that all children are safely escorted off the bus. Florida’s heat especially in the summer is brutal and can easily cause serious personal injuries and death to a child who is left in the vehicle even for only minutes. For more information, see Law to Prevent Child Daycare Van Deaths Fails to Pass Florida Legislature.

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