Florida: Is It a Parent’s Duty to Protect a Child from Dangerous People Including Boyfriends, Girlfriends, and Fiances?


In Florida, is it a parent’s duty to protect a child from a dangerous person including boyfriends, girlfriends, and fiances? The simple answer is . . . Absolutely! Many parents often times may a decision to spend time with a boyfriend, girlfriend, significant other, or fiance rather than concentrate on the best interest of a child. If a person poses a danger to a child, a parent should keep his or her child out of harm’s way. The safety a child is paramount to everything else. In Cape Coral, Florida, a 34 year old woman (Nicole Brewington) was recently sentenced to 30 years of prison time for her failure to protect her child who died as a result of a beating by her former boyfriend. You can read more about this story at Woman Gets 30 Years in Child’s Death.