Florida Highway Patrol Reports SUV Crash in Volusia County – 6 Year Old Boy (Abimael Saint Juste) Dies as a Result of the Crash


A Ford Explorer SUV recently crashed while traveling in a Church caravan traveling from Orlando to Florida. A 6 year old boy (Abdmael Saint Juste) died and 7 other children suffered personal injuries in this crash. It was reported by the Florida Highway Patrol that a tire blew on the Ford Explorer. Thereafter, the Ford SUV hit a guardrail and then flipped over two times. When crashes like this take place, many issues / questions are raised:

What was the make and model of the Ford SUV?

How many miles were on the tire that blew?

Did the tire have a manufacturer defect that caused it to blow?

Were the children wearing a seat belt? Booster seat?

What speed was the SUV traveling?

Did road conditions contribute in any part to the crash?

Florida Highway Patrol and possibly other law enforcement agencies will conduct a further investigation into this tragic automobile accident. You can read more about this story at 6 Year Old Boy Dies and Other Children Injured in SUV Crash in Volusia County, Florida.