Florida Highway Patrol Investigation – Bald Tire May Have Caused Fatal Automobile / SUV Accident


A fatal SUV accident was recently reported by the Florida Highway Patrol. The accident involved a Ford Explorer which had three different brands of tires on the SUV. One of the tires that separated was quite worn and may have been the cause of the SUV losing control, hitting a guardrail, and then flipping over. A 6 year old child died as a result of this crash.

This crash was recently discussed in the blog article Florida Highway Patrol Reports SUV Crash in Volusia County – 6 Year Old Boy (Abimael Saint Juste) Dies as a Result of the Crash.

This crash shows the importance of vehicle maintenance and inspection. All parents should have frequent maintenance of their vehicles including but not limited to tire and brake checks. Tires do not last forever and parents should be diligent in making sure that tires have sufficient tread for safe driving of the vehicle. You can read more about the FHP investigation including a discussion of the tires at Florida Highway Patrol Investigation Studies Tire Tread and Cause of Accident.