Florida Fairgoer Catches Baby Dropped from a Ride in Central Florida


Fair and carnival rides are fun, family outings – – usually. In Central Florida, a mother and her 2 year old child had a problem in the “Crazy Bus” ride. The small Ferris Wheel like ride began to move as passengers where exiting which, in turn, forced the mother (Sherri Pinkerton) to hang onto the ride by one hand and try to hold onto her 2 year old with her other hand. Fortunately, the 2 year old fell into the secure hands of another fair goer. No injuries were reported. Central Florida Fairgoers Catch Toddler.

There must have been a great deal of fear and anxiety over the incident which did have a happy ending. Safety should be the primary goal of all fairgrounds and carnival rides. This goes the same for any event where children go including amusement parks, water parks, theme parks, public parks, and even birthday parties. All tents, bounce houses, and other structures should be securely put in place with appropriate adult supervision thereafter to make sure that the children (big and small) follow the rules for the safety of themselves and others. Preventing child injuries should be part of the planning and management at all events and venues.