Florida Drowning Ends Life of 3 Year Old Girl in Daytona Beach, Florida – Dangers of Swimming Pools


In Florida, swimming pools are a common site in most neighborhoods and communities. Unfortunately, at times, swimming pools are the locations of tragic drownings of toddlers and small children. It was reported that a 3 year old girl recently drowned in her grandmother’s swimming pool. The grandmother found the girl floating in the Dayona Beach swimming pool. As the grandmother was distracted by the needs of the 4 month old sibling of the girl, the toddler wandered outside and into the pool. Just a moment or two of distraction or inattention can lead to tragedy. Some tragedies are avoidable and predictable. Others are not.

It is important for all pool owners and child care providers whether day care centers, child care providers, parents, babysitters, and yes, grandparents to do their best if there is a small child and a swimming pool or body of water proximate or close to the house.
The child was at her grandmother’s home, where the grandmother was also caring for a 4-month-old child. The grandmother said she went to change the younger child’s diaper and the toddler wandered outside. Volusia County officials responded to the scene. See Report: 3-year-Old Girl Drowns in Pool at Daytona Beach Home. Other recent drowning incidents in Florida include the following: Another Unfortunate and Tragic Drowning of a Florida Child (Kimberly Hayward) in a Swimming Pool and Drowning in Orlando Florida – Toddler (18 Month Old Girl) Falls in Family Pool and Drowns.

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