Florida Dog Bites – Decreasing the Risk of Infection

Florida dog bites to children and others frequently involve the family dog or a neighbor’s dog. According to a study (Prevention and Treatment of Dog Bites) conducted by the Mayo Clinic – Jacksonville, Florida, almost one half of Florida dog bites in Florida and other states involve the family dog or a neighbor’s dog.


I have a dog myself but must keep in mind that she is an animal. My dog has a certain tolerance for harassment by my children and others but like any other animal (or person for that matter) has a breaking point.

Any bite, including a dog bite, carries a risk of infection. According to the Mayo Clinic, immediate copious irrigation or flushing out of the wound can significantly reduce the risk of infection.

Under Florida law, a dog owner is liable for a dog bite by his or her dog. Even if the dog had no prior history of aggression or bites, the dog owner is liable. Typically, homeowner’s insurance policies cover dog bites. Each insurance policy and case should be evaluated by an attorney to make sure that the dog bite victim’s rights are protected and enforced when necessary. If you have a question regarding the legal rights and laws relating to dog bites, please contact David Wolf at Wood, Atter & Wolf, P.A. (904) 355-8888.

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