Florida Doctors See Increase in Child Knee Injuries

A report out of Miami indicated that doctors are seeing an increase in children’s knee injuries in Florida.


Doctors stated that more surgeries are performed on children’s knee injuries due to Florida playground injuries, sport related injuries, and other causes. Dr. Steven Swirsky, a South Florida orthopedic surgeon, stated that he is doing 4 times as many surgical repairs than he performed 10 years ago. Dr. Swirsky stated that children are playing sports harder and longer. You can read more about this story at Florida Doctors See Increase in Children’s Knee Injuries.

Some knee injuries result from the lack of proper supervision and / or from the negligence of others. Children often times do not possess the good and experienced judgment of an adult. As such, proper supervision at the during activities at school, a playground, a soccer / football field, and even a friend’s house is vital. Health and liability insurance issues in Florida arise when there is an injury. Depending on a the facts and circumstances, a Jacksonville Florida personal injury attorney may be able to assist you with your insurance questions and benefits.

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