Florida Department of Transportation Announces That October 19-25th is National Teen Driver Safety Week


Inexperience, immaturity, driving while intoxicated, and carelessness all contribute to a fatal crash rate among teen drivers that is three times higher than for other drivers. For example, in 2008 in Florida, over 68% of children from 0-17 years old who were killed in car accidents died because they were not properly restrained with a seatbelt or car seat. In the same year, 18-year-old Florida teens had the highest rate of crash involvement and 19 year olds had the highest fatality rates from car crashes.

Research has shown that teens learn driving habits from their parents, so it is important for parents of teens to take an active role in teaching their children good driving skills. This includes always using a safety belt, not exceeding the speed limit, and not being distracted by passengers while driving. Distraction has been cited as the number one cause of teen crashes in the US.

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