Florida Department of Children and Families Employs Felons and Convicted Child Molesters


The Miami Herald recently conducted an investigation of the Florida Department of Children and Families that showed 183 felons are working for the child welfare agency. Their crimes include child molestation, child abuse, sex crimes, drug dealing and even welfare fraud.

The Miami Herald story pointed out several examples, including the fact that the Tallahassee head of the agency’s data security team is on Florida’s list of sexual predators. The Miami Director of Rehabilitative Services has been arrested twice for buying cocaine, and the Chattahoochee Supervisor of Mental Patients was charged with first degree murder after allegedly firing a shotgun at his wife and child.

The Department of Children and Families maintains that the department works hard to screen its employees. DCF claims that in most of the cases highlighted by the Miami Herald story, DCF was aware of the employee’s backgrounds and had thoroughly reviewed each employee to ensure that the respective employee was rehabilitated and would not pose any threat to Department of Children and Families’ clients. DCF also points out that out of 24,000 employees statewide, 183 is a relatively small number. Read more about the Department of Children and Families’ questionable employees at Felony No Bar to Employment at Florida Child Agency.