Florida Day Care / Child Care Standards – Do Facilities Have Duty to Plan Activities for the Day?


Under the Florida Administrative Code – Chapter 65C-22 Section 22.001– General Information, Florida Day Care Centers / Child Care Centers are required to plan and post scheduled activities for the day. Children, especially young children, like the security of a regimen or daily schedule. There is comfort for a child in having a routine that is planned, organized, and carried out on a daily basis. Under the Florida Administrative Code, each age group or class of children must have a written plan of scheduled activities that must be posted in a conspicuous location for parents. The needs of the children must be met through these planned activities. The activities must promote emotional, intellectual and physical growth. There must be accomodations for quiet and active play inside and outdoors. Of course, there must be time planned for meals, snacks, and nap time according to the age and needs of the children. As the old adage goes, if you fail to plan – you plan to fail. Planning and organization are important tools to running a safe Florida day care center / child care center that promotes the needs and best interests of the children.