Florida Day Care / Child Care Standards – What is Considered “Supervision” under Florida Law?


Under the Florida Administrative Code – Chapter 65C-22 Section 22.001– General Information, Florida Day Care Centers / Child Care Centers are required to have proper supervision in place for the health, safety and welfare of the children.

Direct Supervision, as defined under the Florida Administrative Code, requires that a child care worker watch and direct the children’s activities in the same room or outdoor play area. Child care workers need to respond to the needs of each child while supervising the child the child is inside or outside the building. Day care centers / child care centers must be organized as to its staffing. In particular, child care workers must be assigned to provide “direct supervision” to a specific group of children “at all times”.

Proper and consistent supervision in a Florida day care center / child care center is vital to safety of the children. Otherwise, serious child injuries (that are otherwise preventable) happen. If you have a child that has been injured due to improper supervision in a Florida day care center / child care center, it is often times helpful to have the advice, consultation, and representation from a Florida Child Injury Lawyer / Attorney.