Florida Day Care / Child Care Standards – What are the Staff to Children Ratios Requirements under Florida Law?


Florida Statute Section 402.305 sets forth the Licensing Standards for day care / child care facilities in the State of Florida including standards for Staff to Children Ratios. Under Section 402.305 (4), Florida Statutes, a day care / child care facility must have staffing as follows:

1. One child care worker for every four children (ages birth through 1 year of age);

2. One child care worker for every six children (ages 1 year and under 2 years of age); and

3. One child care worker for every 11 children (2 years of age and under 3 years of age).

The staffing requirements continue forward for different age groups through ages 5 years of age and older – the Staff to Children Ratio is one child care worker for every 25 students. There are exemptions to this general rule.

Staffing standards are important because they help promote minimum staffing for the health, safety, and welfare of the children. In the day care / child care setting, the children need supervision and guidance. Having a facility properly staffed with trained and conscientious child care personnel is vital to helping prevent serious child injuries.