Florida Day Care / Child Care Standards – What are the Requirements for Supervision of Outside Play Areas?


Florida Day Care / Child Care facilities must inspect and maintain outdoor and playground equipment in a safe manner. The facility has a duty pursuant to Rule 65C-22.002 Physical Environment (4) Outdoor Play Area to place personnel in position so that all children playing in the Outdoor Play Area can be observed and so that direct supervision can be provided. This rule also provides for the amount of space, fencing, and other specifications for the outdoor play area. Many children are injured outside of the Florida Day Care / Child Care facilities when child care personnel fail to properly supervise children during recess, free play, and sports like kickball. It is important that the outdoor area is clean and free from hazards like dangerous shrubberies, abandoned furniture and kitchen appliances, tools, sharp objects, garbage, construction debris, and other dangers. Many Florida child injuries can be easily avoided with better supervision, maintenance, common sense, consistency, and hard work on the part of the Florida Day Care / Child Care facility and its employees.

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