Florida Day Care / Child Care Standards – Child Discipline


Florida law prohibits a licensed Day Care / Child Care facility from inflicting physical punishment on children. Under Rule 65C-22.001 (8) General Information – Discipline, The Florida Administrative Code specifically prohibits “spanking or any other form of physical punishment”. In addition, Florida child care personnel cannot subject a child to discipline which is severe, humiliating, frightening, or any kind of discipline associated with good, rest, and / or toileting.

If a child is injured or harmed in a Florida day care / child care facility, a Florida Child Injury Lawyer can review the facts of the case to determine if the facility failed to follow Florida law or was otherwise negligent in dealing with the child.

Unfortunately, many Florida child care personnel violate these regulations and take discipline into their own hands. The aforementioned regulations are in place for the safety of children. Spanking and other types of child abuse are just not options to be put in place by child care personnel.

Children can be seriously injured when subjected to improper disciplinary measures. These injuries include fractures, lacerations, head injuries, eye injuries, facial injuries, abdominal injuries, hyperthermia, sun burns, and dehydration.

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