Florida Day Care / Child Care Standards – Duty to Provide Safe Toys and Furnishings


Under the Florida Administrative Code – Chapter 65C-22 Section 22.002– Physical Environment, Florida Day Care Centers / Child Care Centers are required have toys and furnishings in the facility. The toys and furnishings must be suitable to each child’s age and development. It it vital that the toys and furnishings be safe and sanitary.

Many Florida day care centers / child care centers fail to either provide toys or fail to properly inspect and maintain the toys and furnishings used by the children. Sharp edges, pointed edges, exposed metal, glass, and small objects can seriously injure children in the day care center. A simple toy can seriously injury a child in the form of lacerations, eye injuries, and choking incidents. Improper furnishings or improperly maintained furnishings can lead to similar injuries as well as fractures and head injuries to children in a day care facility. Day care centers should work hard to provide a safe and clean environment for children. This includes due diligence in providing and maintaining toys and furnishings at the Florida day care center.