Florida Day Care / Child Care Standards – What are the Transportation Regulations – Drivers, Vehicle Inspection, and Seating, and Child Seats Belts / Restraints?


Florida Day Care / Child Care facilities are required to comply with the Florida Administrative Code and other laws and regulations as they pertain to the transportation of children to and from the facility for any purpose including but not limited to field trips. The purpose of these regulations is to insure the safety of children while being transported by Florida Day Care / Child Care facilities. Failure to follow the regulations often times leads to
child injuries
and automobile accidents.

The following regulations apply:

Drivers. Drivers must have a valid Florida Driver’s License, an annual physical examination clearing the person to drive, and certification in in First Aid and CPR.

Insurance. Florida Day Care / Child Care vehicles shall comply with Florida law as it pertains to insurance requirements.

Vehicle Inspection. All vehicles regularly used to transport children must be inspected annually by a mechanic. Documentation for these inspections must be maintained as well.

Seating, Seat Belts, and Child Seats. Florida Day Care / Child Care facilities may the maximum number of children as set forth by the manufacturer of the vehicle. Furthermore, each child must be in a safety belt or federally approved safety restraint unless the vehicle is excluded from this requirement pursuant to Florida Statutes.

Driver’s Log. A log must be maintained by the Florida Day Care / Child Care facility showing the child’s name, age, time of department, time of arrival, and signature of the driver. This log must be maintained for 4 months.

The above safety measures and documentation were put in place to protect children in Florida Day Care / Child Care facilities. Unfortunately, many Florida Day Care / Child facilities take short cuts to the above requirements, overload buses and vans, fail to install or maintain proper safety restraints, and fail to provide the proper maintenance and inspection of their vehicles. As a result of these violations, children are injured on Florida Day Care / Child Care buses, vans, and other vehicles. Of course, the Florida Day Care / Child Care driver should follow the rules of the road, maintain control of the bus, van, or other vehicle, and keep the children’s safety in mind at all times.

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