Florida Day Care / Child Care Standards – What is “Direct Supervision”?


Florida Child Care / Day Care facilities are governed by the Florida Administrative Code – Chapter 65C-22 and other regulations and laws. Under the Florida Administrative Code Rule 65C-22.001 (5) Direct Supervision is defined as “watching and directing children’s activities within the same room or designated outdoor play area and responding to the needs of each child.” Unfortunately, many Day Care / Child Care facilities fail to provide proper supervision of children under their care. As a result of the inattention, lack of adequate staffing, inexperience, and / or lack of training, children are injured every day in Florida Child Care / Day Care facilities. Injuries range from scratches, cuts, bites (yes, biting by children is common in Day Care / Child Care facilities), bruises, lacerations, fractures, eye injuries, head injuries, and burns. It is important for Child Care / Day Care facilities to comply with the Florida Administrative Code and other laws and regulations. In addition, although not stated per se in the laws, Child Care / Day Care facilities should exercise good judgment and common sense when watching and supervising children.

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