Florida Day Care Centers – What Rules / Laws Apply to Driver’s Logs and Transporting of Children?


The Florida Department of Children and Families ensures that licensing requirements are met at child care facilities through on-going inspections, thus preventing the continued operation of substandard child care programs. Pursuant to Chapter 65 of the Florida Administrative Code, Florida day care centers have specific duties when it comes to transporting children.

A Florida day care center must maintain a driver’s log for all children being transported in the vehicle. The log must include each child’s name, date, time of departure, time of arrival, signature of driver, and signature of another staff member to verify the driver’s log and that all children have left the vehicle. The log must be retained for at least four months.

The driver of the children transporting children also has specific duties once they have arrived at the destination. The driver must mark each child off the log as they exit the vehicle and conduct a physical inspection and visual sweep to ensure that no child has been left behind. Then the driver must record, sign and date the driver’s log immediately to verify that all children have been accounted for. Each of these steps should also be repeated by a second child care employee.

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