Florida Day Care Centers – What Rules / Laws Apply to Vehicle / Automobile Liability Insurance?


Pursuant to Chapter 65, Rule 65C-22.001 – General Information, Florida Day Care Centers are required have proper insurance on any vehicle that is used for transporting children while under the care and supervision of the facility. Specifically, all child care facilities must comply with the inspection responsibilities and insurance requirements found in Section 316.615, Florida Statutes (2011).

Pursuant to >sec. 316.615, Florida Statutes (2011) – School buses; physical requirements of drivers, all school buses and motor vehicles must be covered by single limits liability insurance to protect passengers being transported, in the following amounts:

– $5,000 multiplied by the rated seating capacity of the vehicle; or
– $100,000, whichever of the two is greater.

For purposes of the this requirement “school bus” means all motor vehicles with a seating capacity of 24 o more passengers, which is regularly used for the transportation of passengers to or from school, or to or from school activities. The term “school” includes all public and private nursery, preelementary, elementary and secondary school levels.
(b) For the purposes of this section the term “school” includes all public and private nursery, preelementary, elementary, and secondary level schools.

Automobile accidents are leading cause of childhood personal injuries. Although many automobile accidents are preventable, accidents are sometimes unavoidable and unfortunately occur. Having the required insurance on vehicles that provide transportation to children under the center’s care ensures the children’s safety and well-being in the event an accident does occur.

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