Florida Day Care Centers – What Standards Apply to Plan of Activities for Children?


Section 402.305 of the Florida Statutes 402.305 sec. 13, sets forth the requirements regarding the plan of activities that each Florida Day Care Center is required to provide for their children. Minimum standards ensure that each Florida Day Care Center has a written daily provision of active and quiet activities appropriate to the age of the child. Implementing these standards according to age helps in preventing physical and mental abuse of the children.

It is well known that a child’s first few years are very important towards their brain development. At three-years-old, a child’s brain is operating at twice the speed of an adult’s brain. This is why it is extremely important for daycares and other child care services to make sure they have a strong and detailed plan in place to assist children with this process. Activities like playing outside and interacting with other children can help improve a child’s foundation for learning language and developing proper motor skills. It is also important to allow them to participate in inside activities such as puzzles and coloring books to help enhance all areas of the brain at such a delicate age.

Even with a good plan in place, Florida Day Care Centers can still lose sight of the most valuable things that a child needs at this age such as loving care and new experiences. Talking, singing, playing and reading are some of the key activities that build a child’s brain.

To learn more please see, Understanding Brain Development in Young Children.

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