Florida Day Care Centers – What Rules / Laws Apply to Planned Activities and Field Trips?


Florida Child Care Centers provide supervision in a group setting with planned activities. Pursuant to Chapter 65, Rule 65C-22.001 – General Information, Florida Day Care Centers are required to have a written and followed plan of scheduled activities for all children. This plan must be posted in a place that is accessible to parents. In addition, the written plan must meet the needs of the children and include activities that:

• Encourage the emotional, intellectual and physical growth of the children.
• Include both active and quiet playtime, both inside and outside.
• Include meals, snack and nap times, for the age and times of the children, if necessary.

Rule 65C-22.001 also requires Florida Child Care Centers to advise parents in advance of each field trip. The details such as the date, time and location must be posted in an obvious location at least two work days in advance. Also, the Florida Day Care Center must obtain written parental permission by either a general permission slip or prior to each field trip. If for some reason two day notice cannot be posted, then individual permission slips must be obtained from each parents. For more information on this topic, see Additional Superivsion.

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