Florida Day Care Centers – What Rules / Laws Apply to Supervision on Field Trips and Swimming Related Activities?


Florida day care centers that are planning for field trips should consider among other things, supervision and staffing needs. Pursuant to Chapter 65, Rule 65C-22.001- General Information, Florida Day Care Centers are required to have one additional adult present on all field trips away from the facility, in addition to the number of staff required to meet the standard staff to child ratio. The purpose is to provide direct supervision.

Below are some safety tips for parents to discuss with their child’s day care center in regards to field trips:

• Inquire about the outing: where are they going, how will they get there, who will be with them, what they will be doing, and when they will get back

• Instruct children to never leave the group- safety in numbers.

• Put your contact information in your child’s pocket in case of an emergency

• Recommend to your child care facility that they give children a special meeting place in
case they are separated from the group

• Suggest that the children all wear the same color shirt so they are easily spotted if separated

Rule 65C-22.001 also sets forth specific rules for a Florida Day Care Center / Child Care Center that uses a facility for swimming-related activities. If a child care center uses a swimming pool three feet or deeper, or a beach or lake, the child care center must provide one person with a certified lifeguard certificate or equivalent. A child care center does not have to provide a lifeguard if a certified lifeguard is already on duty and present at the facility when the children are in the swimming area. For more information on this topic, see Additional Superivsion Requirements.

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