Florida Day Care Centers – What Rules / Laws Apply to Medication Records for Children?


Pursuant to Chapter 65, Rule 65C-22.006 – Record Keeping, Florida Day Care Centers are required to maintain a written medical record when caring for children that require medication. Specifically a written document shall be maintained by the facility and include the following:

1. The child’s name;
2. The name of the medication;
3. The date, time and amount of dosage to be given; and
4. The signature of the custodial parent or legal guardian.

These written medical records must be maintain for a minimum of 4 months after the last day the child received the mediation.

Maintaining written medical records will ensures the safety and well-being of a child while under the care of a Florida Day Care Center. Without written records, medications could be swapped, and a child receives the wrong medication, or over dosage of medication could be given. Written records assign the medication to the child and list the specifics of the medication. Requiring parental consent or the consent of a child’s legal guardian is one additional measure in reassuring quality care is provided to children.

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