Florida Day Care Accident and Incident Forms and the “Rest of the Story”


Florida day care and child care programs have a duty to report incidents / accidents resulting in injury that required medical attention on Incident / Accident Form. The Florida Department of Children and Families has a Sample Incident / Accident Report posted to its official website. I have reviewed numerous Incident / Accident Reports involving personal injuries sustained by children in a day care / child care center in Florida. Some facilities are more detailed and accurate in completing these forms than other facilities. Some day care / child care providers even have gone as far as falsifying information and “facts” in these reports to intentionally mislead parents and the Department of Children and Families. Some facilities ask that a parent sign off on the Accident / Incident Report. A parent can sign off on the form as an acknowledge of receipt of the document rather than an acknowledgement or agreement with the facts as presented. Parents should ask for a copy of the Accident / Incident Report and any other information / documentation regarding the child’s personal injuries.

The Accident / Incident Report is only one piece of the puzzle or investigation into the cause, reason, and preventability of the personal injuries in the day care setting. Of course, a parent should question whether the Accident / Incident Report is accurate especially since it may have been written by a person who may have negligently or intentionally caused harm to the child.

A concerned parent should act as an advocate of his or her child by finding out as much information as possible, contacting a Florida child injury attorney / lawyer, and, when necessary, contacting law enforcement and / or the Florida Department of Children and Families to further investigate the incident and resulting injuries.