Florida Company (Safety Animated, Inc.) Promoting Safety of Areas / Streets Where Children Are At Play


Many child injuries and deaths resulting from automobile accidents involving bicyclist and child pedestrians can be avoided. Drivers in residential neighborhoods, school zones, and any other areas with children should proceed with due care and caution. Children do not always have the best of judgment or the best sense of danger when playing sports / games or when biking. Parental supervision is vital to the safety of children. It is also helpful to have safety signage in place to alert and / or remind drivers that there are children in the area. Safety Animated, Inc. is a great company based in Tampa, Florida. The mission of the company is to promote the safety of children. Safety Animated sells safety signage as a visual reminder to drivers to slow down, be on the look out, and exercise the utmost caution because children in the area.

Parents, day care centers, schools, and recreational facilities should truly consider this product. The signage can certainly help prevent or at least reduce the number of personal injuries resulting from driveway and roadway injuries caused by driver inattention, driver distraction, and /or a child’s negligence. As every one knows, children can be careless at times and run into a road way. If drivers are proceeding at a slower speed with due caution, it will be easier to stop and avoid a tragedy.

By the way, I am not a paid spokesman or commission sales person for this company. I merely read about the company online and reviewed the product. Helping protect children from harm’s way is one of my missions.

I recommend that you go to the Safety Animated website and take a look at this most important safety product. Pay it forward. Drive carefully and watch out for children.