Florida Children – Medical and Custody Power of Attorney

The Florida Medical and Custody Power of Attorney form / document that I use in my practice is a valuable tool for parents, grandparents, and other caregivers. I prepared this document for my sister in law and brother in law when they went out of town. They live in South Florida and were going out of the country for a few weeks. I prepared the document and e mailed it to them for their signature. I have also prepared these documents for many parents and caregivers in Jacksonville, Florida who are taking vacations or going out of town for business. The Florida Medical and Custody Power of Attorney form is also a helpful tool for relatives and others who regularly take care of a child.


The document gives authorization to a grandparent, other relative, or other caregiver to make decisions regarding medical care and other custodian responsibilities while the parent / guardian is out of town or otherwise unavailable. Broad or limited powers can be provided by this document. While some medical providers will provide care without any such legal document, other medical providers are quite particular about the authority to receive medical information and make medical decisions regarding a child. If you need a Florida Medical and Custody Power of Attorney document prepared or reviewed, please contact a guardianship and probate attorney.

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