Florida Children Are Safer in the Back Seat – Safety Tips

Florida children are clearly safer as passenger in the back seat of vehicles. I represent Florida adults and children who are injured in automobile accidents, trucking accidents, pedestrian accidents, and bicycle accidents. I also use my knowledge and experience both to help the injured and to help others avoid similar fates The National Highway and Transportation Safety Administration notes the following:


Air bags are hazardous to infants and children 12 and under;

Infants should ride in a car seat facing to the rear until they are one year of age and weigh at least 20 pounds;

All children are safer in the rear seat of any vehicle; and

It is important to anchor the child’s safety seat but this may be difficult in some vehicles.

Access to educational materials with an easy reading level and multiple languages is essential to give parents in our diverse population the information they need.

You read more safety tips and a safety manual at the NHTSA website.

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