Florida Children and Psychotropic Drugs; What is Appropriate?


Many Florida children are dealing with very adult issues – including depression, anxiety and other psychiatric illnesses. Florida therapists, counselors and psychiatrists are reporting that children are being diagnosed at younger and younger ages for these illnesses. That has raised serious questions regarding giving powerful psychotropic medications to young children. This is especially a concern for children in the Florida foster care system, where children are prescribed psychotropic drugs at a rate that is higher than that for the general population.

Some professionals charge that children are being given these drugs as an easy fix to get them to behave, instead of being given appropriate structure and guidance. They worry that the drugs may have unknown side effects with long term use. Others disagree, pointing to the fact that children are placed under a great deal more stress at home and are subject to other issues that were not as prevalent ten years ago. They say that children need the drugs in order to concentrate in school and succeed in life.

The decision whether or not to put a young child on medication is not an easy one. Parents should make sure that they educate themselves on the options available so that they can make an informed decision.

Read more about how the state of Florida is dealing with childhood mental illness at Child’s suicide raises medication questions.

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