Florida Child Injuries & Wrongful Death Resulting from Guns

Jacksonville, Florida child injuries resulting from guns has been a problem for many years.


Throughout Florida and the United States, there are 10 – 12 firearm deaths daily to children under 19. If you are a gun owner or know somebody who owns a gun, it is important to take some basic but vital steps to protect and safeguard the weapon.

Our constitution gives us the right to bear arms. With such rights come great responsibility. A website called www.injuryfree.org provides good tips on Florida gun safety and other issues. If you own a gun, print out the list and make sure that you do everything you can to safeguard the gun. Your actions may end up saving a life in the future.

If you have a child or know a child who has been injured by a gun, it is important to have a Jacksonville personal injury attorney review the facts to determine your rights and remedies for the injuries caused to your child.

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