Florida Child Abuse Lasted for Over Ten Years – Man Charged with 100 Counts of Sexual Assault on a Minor Child

By David Wolf, Attorney and Cassie K. McDonald, Law Clerk
Published by Florida Child Injury Lawyer Blog


Bobby Wayne Turman, a 35-year-old male resident of Santa Rosa County, Florida, was charged with 100 counts of sexual assault to a victim under twelve-years-old. To defend himself against these Florida criminal charges, Turman will be entitled to a public defender or an attorney from a private law firm.

The alleged abuse started when the victim was eight-years-old and continued until the victim turned eighteen despite two separate revelations to Turman’s wife. According to the report, Turman threatened to kill the victim after the first accusation and forced the victim to tell his wife, “It was just a dream.” After the second accusation was ignored by Turman’s wife, the victim stopped revealing the sexual abuse. According to the victim, if the wife would not believe the accusations, no one would.

The sexual abuse was reported to the sheriff’s office on February 9, 2010. Investigators interviewed the victim and eyewitnesses who corroborated the victim’s story. One witness, a prior roommate of Turman’s, recalled approximately seven different occasions where Turman and the victim were alone together in a bedroom or bathroom. Although Turman told the witness he was “disciplining” the victim, the witness heard suspicious crying, sniffling, and grunting. According to the report, when Turman and the victim were alone in the bathroom, the faucet would continuously run. When alone in the bedroom the witness heard “movement on the bed,” and “squeaks from the bed.”

It takes a very strong and courageous child or adult who has been a victim of child abuse to come forward and reveal the abuse and molestation suffered by the victim. If a child comes forward with a story of child abuse or molestation, the child should be listened to and taken seriously. Sexual abuse on a child is a serious and heinous crime. Children suffer serious personal injuries in the form of physical harm and psychological trauma from sex abuse and assault acts committed against them.

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