Florida Child Abuse – 3 Year Old Boy Allegedly Beaten for Wetting His Pants


In Florida and other States, children are the unfortunate and tragic victims of child abuse. Often times, it is a trivial or minor incident that triggers the abuse. In Orange County, Florida, it was reported that a 3 year old child was beaten for wetting his pants. Orange County Sheriff officials and investigators believe that Noah Fake died as a result of blunt force trauma to his head which were findings from the autopsy. The mother (Robin Greinke) allegedly confessed to the attack. Both Greinke and her boyfriend – Steven Neil – have been charged with the crimes of first degree murder, aggravated child abuse, and child neglect. Each will be entitled to representation by a privateFlorida criminal defense attorney or by an assistant public defender.

One (among many) aggravating factors of the alleged crimes was the fact that the mother and boyfriend ate pizza and watched a movie after the attack. You can read more about this story at Deputies: Boy Beaten to Death After Wetting Pants.

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