Florida Bus Safety Laws and Regulations – Other Drivers Are Violating the Laws. Dangers to Children.


In Jacksonville, Duvall County, Florida and other locations throughout the United States, there is a problem with motorist ignoring stops school buses. In Florida, it is the law that a driver must stop when a school bus is stopped with flashing red lights activated and stop signs extended. Unfortunately, Florida drivers tend to ignore these flashing red lights and stop signs and drive right pass stopped school buses. The Florida times Union website recently reported a news story on this problem. It is estimated that almost 2,000,000 incidents (that’s right Two Million incidents) take place every year involving a driver who ignores stopped school bus and drives past the school bus. In Florida, a driver can be find up to $500 for this driving violation or this traffic citation. It is important for the safety of children that all drivers be on the lookout for school buses whether stopped or not. Unfortunately, many such incidents have resulted in serious personal injuries to children. Many of these Florida pedestrian accidents / automobile accidents would have been avoided if the driver has stopped and obeyed Florida traffic rules and regulations pertaining to school buses. For more information on this topic see Drivers Frequently Ignore Stop School Buses in Jacksonville Florida in other cities.

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