Florida Bill Proposed to Ban Pit Bulls and Other Dog Breeds


Dog bite injuries to children in Florida are problematic.

Children are often the innocent victim of a dog that is not leashed, properly restrained, or trained to be around children and others. Pit bull dog bite injuries to Florida children can be especially troublesome and can result in severe injuries including scarring. Legislators in South Florida have proposed a Florida legislative bill that would allow counties like Duval County and St. Johns County to bank Pit Bulls and other breeds. In the alternative, under this bill, a county could prohibit owners from bringing certain breeds in public. For the past 18 years, there has been a state wide prohibition on “breed specific” local regulations on dogs. There is opposition to the bill from dog owners who believe that a few bad owners and incidents are to blame for the attacks rather than the breed. You can read more about this issue at Bill Would Let Florida Cities and Counties Ban Pit Bulls and Other Breeds.

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