Florida Bicycle Laws – Rules of the Road and Sidewalk


In Florida, there are specific laws in place as to the safe operation of bicycles. Many of these laws mention the role of motorists and pedestrians as well. The Florida Bicycle Association has as good web site that contains a summary of the relevant Florida Statutes as well as many safety tips for bicyclists, pedestrians, and drivers. In Florida, children are frequently injured while riding a bicycle when a driver fails to notice the bicyclist, drives too fast for road conditions, and fails to yield the right of way to bicyclist. While children should and do know basic bicycle safety, it is up to drivers to take extra steps when children on on or near roadways on their bicycles. I recommend that you educate yourself on the bicycle laws for the State of Florida. Whether you are a bicyclist or not, it is important to know these rules of the road and sidewalk. If you or your child has been injured while riding a bicycle, it is often helpful to have a Florida personal injury lawyer to assist you in reviewing the police report, the details of the accident, medical bills, insurance policies, and medical records.