Florida Analysis of Dog Bites in Children Under 17 Years Old


Medical studies and statistics show that dog bites are a greater hazard to children than adults. Children, who lack the judgment, experience, and intuition of an adult, do not appreciate the dangers of dogs. In addition, children are smaller and more vulnerable to the reach of a dog. While some breeds seem to be more dangerous and temperamental than others like Pit Bulls, Akitas, Doberman Pinchers, German Shepards, and others, all dogs are capable of biting a child. Florida is a strict liability State for dog bite injuries to children and adults. In other words, an owner is liable for medical expenses, pain and suffering associated with a dog bite regardless of the owner’s actions or inactions and regardless of the dog’s breed or history / lack of history of aggression. It is important to educate your child about dogs. Show your child how to approach a dog. Ask if it is ok to pet the dog? Ask if the dog likes children? Likes to be pet? Let the dog smell your hand first. Dogs, in some ways, are like children. They can frighten easy and are uncomfortable in new settings with new people. You can more about a medical study reported in Pediatrics – The Official Publication of the American Academy of Pediatrics atAnalysis of Dog Bites in Children Under the Age of 17.