Florida Accident Report Privilege

Florida has developed various laws that apply to both the civil and criminal aspects of an automobile accident. In order to encourage all drivers and passengers to an accident to communicate with a police officer, Florida put in place the doctrine of the Accident Report Privilege. Under this doctrine, the statements made to a police officer are generally inadmissible for use in a civil or criminal trial.


There is one major exception to this general rule. If a police officer suspects that a driver was driving under the influence (DUI) or committed another crime related to the accident, the police officer may then proceed forward with a criminal investigation. Statements made during a criminal investigation may be held against a Defendant if the police officer complied with the Miranda Warnings by reading the suspect his or her rights. You can read more about the statutes pertaining to accident reports at the Florida Statutes Web site at Duty to Give Information and Render Aid – Florida Statute Section 316.062.

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