Florida 9 Year Old Driving for Drunk Dad


Teen fathers do not always turn into the best parents when they are older in Florida in other States. This point is illustrated by the arrest of Joshua James Fagan (Age – 27) who was arrested in Cape Coral, Florida. Mr. Fagan had been drinking and allowed his 9 year old son to drive Fagan’s truck to a liquor store. This incident could have lead to tragedy and an accident with serious personal injuries or even the possible death of an incident victim. Fagan was found by police who reported that Fagan speech was slurred and there was a strong odor of alcohol on is breath. Fagan was charged with allowing an unlicensed minor to drive and for child cruelty that could result in mental or physical injury to the child. Obviously, there are a number of things wrong with this incident. First, parents should not drink to intoxication when there children area around. It is a bad example. Furthermore, a parent cannot adequately supervise and guide a child when the parent intoxicated. A parent would not leave his or her child with an intoxicated teacher, day care provider or coach. So, why would a parent chose to be intoxicated around his or her child? Mr. Fagan also put his son in danger. Giving the car keys and permission to drive to a 9 year old is just a bad idea. In Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, Short Round (Indiana’s young side kick) drove a car under gun fire through the streets of Shanghai. Folks, this was just a movie. People should not try this at home, near their home, on vacation, or to take a trip to the local liquor store. Mr. Fagan hopefully will learn a lesson from this incident as should other fathers, mothers, and caregivers of children in Florida. You can read more about the Drunk Driving incident involving Mr. Fagan and his son at Drunk Dad Gets Ride to Liquor Store with 9 Year Son.