Flagler County Man (Desmond Raenell Grimes) Dies in Ford Bronco Rollover Accident


A Flagler County man (Desmond Raenell Grimes) died Monday when he was pinned in a ditch by an overturned Ford Bronco. There were also two teens (Brad English and Corey Lalomia) in the vehicle who suffered minor injuries as a result of the roll over crash. News reports indicate that none of the occupants had a seat belt on at the time of the crash.

Florida law does require occupants to wear a seat belt. In a personal injury case, the use or non use of a seat belt is only relevant if it can be proven that the use of the seat belt would have likely prevented injuries or would have resulted in less serious injuries than sustained.

You can read more about this tragic accident at Flagler County, Florida Automobile Accident Kills Palm Coast Man.

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