Flagler County Florida Officials Consider Use of Tasers by School Deputies in Schools


A 16 year old Flagler County student was arrested and charged with battery after he fought with a student inside Matanzas High School. This is a felony charge. The 16 year old is also accused of assaulting a school resource officer who was trying to break up the in school fight.

As a result of this school altercation, the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office and the Flagler County School officials are considering allowing school resource officers to carry Tasers. Flagler County Resource Officers do carry guns and pepper spray.

The use of tasers in schools has been a topic for debate for several years. Many professionals believe that there are still too many questions about the effects of taser use on children. Law enforcement officers do not believe that there is any extra risk in using tasers on children. School resource officers believe that tasers can be useful in helping to restrain an unruly student. Officials claim there have been very few incidents where a taser has been used as a result of officer poor judgment. With proper training police and law enforcement agencies believe the use of tasers in schools is a safe and effective method for subduing unruly and out of control students. For more information see, Flagler County Officials Consider Use of Tasers by School Deputies in Schools.