Five Teens and Four Children Injured in Putnam County, Florida Automobile Accident


In Satsuma, Florida, ten people were injured as a result of a two vehicle crash. There were 9 teens and children injured in this unfortunate crash. The automobile accident took place at approximately 8:25 p.m. The crash report indicated that Dustin Harris, a 16 year old from Satsuma ran a stop sign and crashed into a Dodge Van vehicle being driven by Carmen Bass. Several of the injured occupants were not wearing a seat belt at the time of the crash. The passengers in the vehicles were identified as: Dillon Harris (age 16), Kelsey King (age 18), Lisa Huntley (age 18), Beautiful Pemberton (age 11), Cheyenne Phillips (age 13), Alyssa Edwards (age 10), Madison Phillips (age 9), and Hansond Pemberton (age 14). The teens /children were either from Satsuma or Pomona Park.

It is important for teen drivers and all other drivers to obey the basic rules of the road including following street signs and traffic devices. The seat belt is an important safety device that should be worn by all occupants especially children. While the failure to wear a seat belt does not preclude the accident victim from seeking compensation or filing a lawsuit, the failure to the wear a seat belt may end up mitigating or reducing damages by the extent that the seat belt either would have prevented injuries or reduced the seriousness of injuries.

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