Fireworks Injuries to Children in Florida: Who is liable for injuries, expenses and pain and suffering?


Fireworks help celebrate July 4th, New Years, and other special events. Fireworks are dangerous and have injured a great number of people in Florida and other States over time.

A study reported by the Center for Disease Control reported that injuries were caused by the firecrackers, sparklers, rockets, and other fireworks. Sparklers accounted for over half of the injuries to children under 5 years old.

Safety and parental supervision are the key factors to keeping your children safe during firework demonstrations. Precautions should be taken whether you are in a public park or at a friend’s home. Here are some safety tips:

1. Stay a safe distance away form the fireworks;

2. Supervise children at all times that fireworks are being ignited;

3. Make sure that there is enough room to ignite the fireworks;

4. Have a hose ready and a First Aid kit should an injury take place;

5. Have a hose ready and available;

6. Hose down and discard all fireworks garbage and debris;

7. Make sure that all lighters are removed and safety stored away from children;

8. Do not allow children to light fireworks.

You can read more about fireworks and child injuries at Spotlight on Injuries From Fireworks.

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