Finding Quality Day Care for Children – Looking for Day Care Online Including Craigslist?


In Jacksonville, Florida and other cities, millions of people are using Craigslist to find day care providers and to serve as child care providers. The ease of use as well as the cheap costs if any of websites like Craiglist is both a blessing and a curse. It is a blessing because it allows parents to find child care providers with ease. It is also a blessing because it allows those who want to provide child care services to advertise to millions of people in an effective manner. It is a curse or a danger because there is no quality control or oversight to speak of when responding to or posting for day care positions or services on Craigslist and related sites. While it may be fine to buy a CD or bicycle through Craigslist, it is quite another thing to find a quality babysitter or day care provider. First Coast News Jacksonville recently posted an interesting article on this topic at> Finding a Child Care Provider Online – Is It Safe? I recommend that parents be very careful when selecting a day care center.