What are the Legal Rights of a Child Injured Due to Chemical Consumption / Poisoning?


In schools, day care centers, homes, and other locations, there are typically chemicals, cleaning agents, and other items that may pose a risk to children. It is vital that chemicals and other dangerous products are safely stored and kept out of the reach of children. It is well known that children are curious. Furthermore, many children do not recognize the risk or danger of chemicals that can cause serious personal injuries and even death if consumed by a child. Because of these risks, schools, day care centers, property owners, businesses, home owners, and, yes, parents should do their due diligence in securing or locking up chemicals so that children are protected.

Child safety advocates and medical professionals have seen a drop in injuries and deaths due to the consumption or exposure to caustic chemicals including but not limited to cleaning products and drain cleaners. While there has been a decrease, the dangers and risks are still there and children are still the victims of carelessness and negligence as to the storage and possession of chemicals when children are present, nearby, or may gain access to the chemicals. You can read more about this topic at Injuries to U.S. Children Consuming Caustic Chemicals.

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