Felons May Be Supervising Your Children in a Florida Day Care Center – Flaws in Florida Law and Lack of Due Diligence by Day Care Centers


In day care centers throughout Florida, felons have been hired to supervise the health, safety and well being of children. In some instances, the day care worker had a history of violence against children. Yet, because of flaws in Florida law and / or lack of due diligence on behalf of the day care center, dangerous individuals have been hired and continue to be hired by Florida day care centers. Florida law allows day care centers to hire a day care worker first and then conduct a background search after the worker has been working with the children. Obviously, this is a dangerous approach that results in many hires that should have never been made or even considered. You can read more about these issues at the Orlando Sentinel – Is a Felon Supervising Your Child at a Florida Day Care Center?