Florida – Number One State for Infant Drowning Rate in the United States


Florida enjoys the reputation of being a tourist destination with warm weather and fun theme parks like Disney World, Universal Studios and Busch Gardens. Unfortunately, Florida also has the distinction of being the number one State in the United States for drownings. The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission ranks Florida as the number one State for infant drowning deaths. It is interesting and tragic to note that drowning is the second leading cause of death in children under the age of 14. In many drowning death and injury cases, the incidents are avoidable with better safety precautions and supervision. Barriers like pool fences and screen enclosures can help prevent many of child injuries and wrongful deaths due to drownings but parents and homeowners should not completely rely on these safety devices. Supervision is also important anytime children are playing in or near a pool area. You can read more about

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